A downloadable game for Windows

PROJECT1ON is a puzzle platformer, where you can use "only one" slice of a 3D space as your platforms.  Made For GMTK GameJam 2019.

Control will be taught in the game.

After finishing the game, try again without using SHIFT.




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The game slaps but its short.But i ain't complaining since it looks kinda hard to make anyway.

This is a game with some nice potential! Congratulations! I like the core mechanic of shifting the view. And the aesthetics work really well. Bravo, nice complete work!

I have a thing to say about the controls though. It mostly has to do with the view rotation (ijkl). First of all, I think it's just weird that you are allowed to rotate the view outside the Shift Mode. It feels odd and it should be restricted to Shift. Second, I think rotating in general leads to some weird situations... I believe mostly rotating up and down are problematic. Like, you can see where the target is, so you enter Shift Mode and you adjust the view with OU and IJKL, so that your ball effortlessly drops on the target.

Hope you may find this useful. Greetings.

The game is quite similar to Perspective from DigiPen, were you inspired by that game? Anyway, the jumping seems to be broken. The ball hardly gets of the ground when I press W.

We haven't heard of Perspective until the comments informed us. It really is a cool game.

And we didn't specifically make a jump button, if fact all four directions were applied same kind of movement, to maneuver around each side of the block.

Still a.great point, the jitter is kinda goofy, we could find a way to avoid it.

The gif on this page shows the ball jumping. I can't progress through the level that introduces the shift mechanic, because I don't know how to get off the ground.

Oh.  That was actually a up-dash. By pressing space with a direction.

Ah, I missed the text showing that you dash by pressing space + an arrow key. Nice game, though the rotating controls are a bit clunky.

amazing game need more levels and even try to publish it with more levels, i will get it for sure. let me know if you publish it.

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Only one plane